Glass balustrades are a popular solution, used on both indoor and outdoor spaces, to provide a safety barrier for balconies, patios, decked areas and staircases, creating a modern look for your home or business.

Our glass balustrades can be frameless or can be combined with steel or other frames and provide a great concept to create light and space.


Swift Engineering are the leading supplier in North Wales for the design and installation of glass balustrade for both domestic and commercial use.

Glass balustrades are an increasingly popular option whether around the home or in a commercial or public setting.  By nature a glass balustrade creates a feel of light and space, whilst also having the added advantage of a modern look, durability and being relatively low maintenance.

Why choose Glass Balustrades?

Glass balustrades undoubtedly creat a stunning modern look whilst maximising the natural light coming into your space

Glass balustrades are an extremely effective wind breaker when used outside, probably more so that traditional fencing, whilst not obstructing any of your existing views.

Glass balustrades provide an easy maintenance solution, eliminating the need for staining or painting, and can be kept pristine by using traditional glass cleaning techniques.

Glass balustrades are extremely durable and will not perish over time, in the same way as traditional alternatives, with their tempered glass composition meaning that they are resilient in all weather conditions.

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