Juliet Balconies are shallow railings or balustrades, which serve to provide a safety barrier to the outside of elevated features such as patio doors and windows.  As such Juliet Balconies do not provide any outdoor walk-on area, but provide the necessary security to allow your windows or doors to be open, whilst also preserving light.

Swift Engineering can design and install the most elegant Juliet Balconies in glass or steel.


Swift Engineering are experts in the installation of all types of Juliet Balconies in North Wales and beyond.

Our Juliet Balconies allow you to bring the fresh air indoors whilst being totally confident in the level of safety provided.  Our glass balustrades are manufactured from toughened glass panels and can be installed framed or frameless depending on the look you require.  Here at Swift Engineering we can also fabricate classy solutions from stainless and galvanised steel, which can provide a more traditional feel.

Why install a Juliet Balcony?

A Juliet Balcony provides the peace of mind required for you to be able to open any upper floor windows or doors in your property, whilst negating the safety risk to younger family members or pets.

A Juliet Balcony provides a level of safety for your property whilst not compromising any light coming into the room.  Our high quality glass panels ensure no obstruction to your natural views whatsoever.

Our Juliet Balconies are a maintenance-friendly solution, without the need for annual painting or staining whilst also being very easy to keep clean.  A Juliet Balcony provides an extremely durable option which does not perish over time and will last for decades.

As well as providing safety and aesthetics a Juliet Balcony can also actually add value to your property.  It is widely recognised that Juliet Balconies can add 5% – 10% to the market price of your equity.

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